Friday, February 3, 2012

First Blog Entry

Isabella is feeling much better.  Her voice is finally back and she has been running around like a crazy woman.  She is quite the decision maker these days.  The minute she wakes up she says: "show" followed by "Einsteins!,"  which is her current favorite tv show. She also enjoys Little Bear, which Jon and I despise.   She also tells us what she wants to eat or drink.  She hlas recently started trying to sing songs and she looks so proud of herself when she does.  At Mrs. Aly's house, she has been obsessed with putting together a United States puzzle, and she can say what some of the states are just by looking at them, "Alabama" and "Utah" are her favorites.  I am starting to get a little more uncomfortable but just enjoying this "nesting" instinct until our little man gets here.

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