Sunday, March 4, 2012

Isabella's 2nd Birthday

Isabella was very excited for her second birthday.  Jon and I both took the day off to take her out and about for her big day.   On Isabella's birthday morning, mommy and daddy had filled up the family room with balloons.  She was ecstatic to play with them, kick them, sit on them, etc.  Mommy and daddy also surprised Izzy with a table and chairs.  She has been obsessed with having tea parties ever since.  After playing around the house, we went to Jump and Jacks. Isabella  had a blast going down the slide, popping the fake balloons on the graphic screen, and running through the maze.  Mommy and daddy had to go down the slides with her and we were pooped crawling up the steps 20,000 times.  (We had sent her down once by her self and determined it was a bad idea when she got off and said "blue slide too fast")  We asked her what she wanted for lunch and she said "nuggets" so off to McDonalds we went.  On Saturday we had a small family birthday party.  For weeks I would ask her who was going to come to her party and she would reply:  "cake coming."  She is obsessed with cake.  We had a great party with our wonderful family.